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Pais Vasco

This sign will guide us through Pais Vasco (Basque Country)

Starting off at the Cathedral in Irun

Ermita de Guadalupe outside Irun

Looking back towards Irun (Spain) with France across the river

We took the alpinista route to San Sebastian - our muscles felt it the next day

Passing one of 5 defence towers spread out along the ridge from Irun to San Sebastian

After descending to Pasajes de San Juan we crossed by boat to Pasajes de San Pedro

Aqueduct along the way

Descending into San Sebastian, just in time for a salmon lunch

San Sebastian in the rain

Back up again, dramatic scenery

Rest and information stop outside the home of Jose Mari, a former pilgrim

Green countryside

Ermita de San Martin de Tours in Orio - San Martin was the patron of peregrinos


Orio harbour

Vineyards producing grapes for the local white wine

Txakoli - only available in a small area, delicious dry wine, we enjoyed it while we could

At Getaria, birthplace of Magellan's navigator


Church of San Martin at Askizu

Fountain at Askizu

Approaching Zumaia, another wet day


Walking in cloud, back 100 years

Basque Country wins the prize for the best Tapas

Ermita de El Calvario


Lovely path up to the Monastery of Cenarruza

Bolivar, named after Simon Bolivar (of  South American fame)

Monastery of Cenarruza, still operational

Inside the monastery

Outside the monastery

¡Lodo, lodo y mas lodo! (Mud, mud and more mud!)

Typical Basque country house

Shady path through pines

Outside Gernika

In Gernika

Picasso's mural of the civil war bombing of Gernika

Church at Goikolexea

Veranda of the same church, common style in Pais Vasco

Cross at Goikolexea

Bilbao Cathedral

Bilbao city

Best menu del dia ever - and that's only one of the 3 courses

Medieval road up to Ermita de Santa Agueda


Portugalete - transporting bridge with carriage hanging by cables carries cars and people across the river ...

... which we used to cross over to Getxo

Looking back at Portugalete, next day we will leave the Pais Vasco for Cantabria