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Leaving Asturias, we are now in Galicia

A Fonsagrada

A Fonsagrada

A Fonsagrada

Above the clouds for a change

Dolmens (megalithic tomb) near Montouto

Another dolmen nearby

Traditional round house of Galicia

So much rain the path was a river

Horreo (granary) with a thatched roof

Church and monastery at Villabade

Iglesia de Santiago in Castro Verde

Medieval tower - Castro Verde

Well made pilgrims path in Galicia - no mud!

Wayside cross

Detail of cross - Santiago Peregrino (St James the Pilgrim)

Another wayside cross

Galician waymark, points the opposite direction to those in Asturias

The old bridge leading into Lugo 

La Puerta San Pedro (St Peter's gate) into Lugo

Lugo is surrounded by Roman walls

Inside Lugo

Lugo plaza

Lugo Cathedral, where our Camino finished