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Different waymark in Asturias

Another rainy day

Man fishing way down in the river

Path over river

Llanes from a distance; it seemed to take forever to get there

Village outside Llanes

Finally we approach Llanes

Low tide

Dancers at a wedding

La Torre del Castillo in Llanes

Details of windows in Llanes

Following the coast

Pam and the Nuestra Senora de las Dolores in Barro

Abandoned monastery

Rocky coastline

Surf's up

Arranged with fresh flower petals for a first communion

Had to rest and lunch at the top of this hill

Typical Asturian horreo (old granary)


Another horreo

And another

Albergue of San Esteban de Leces

We had the 24 place albergue to ourselves

Camino go right, albergue go left


Most houses have one

Here one must decide:
 Continue along the coast or take the Camino Primitivo inland and through the mountains

Good resting spot

Monastery San Salvador in Valdedios

Church in Monastery, consecrated in 893

Pola de Siero

El toro (actually an ad for Sherry)

Puente medieval in Colloto

Oviedo - raining again

Famous Fabada Asturiana (beans, chorizo, blood sausage)

Oviedo - storm coming


Waymarks in Oviedo

Pouring sidra the traditional way

Beer ad along the Camino

Pilgrims - this way

Narrow gorge, medieval bridge at Pena Flor

Big horreo


Grado plaza

Cava break - Salud!

On the way to Salas

Walking in cloud - again

And there was mud - again

Monastereo del Salvador in Cornellana, looked abandoned

Back of the same monastery

Typical wooden outdoor shoes, worn over the inside slippers

Path - follow the arrows

Pilgrim and dote cote



Wayside shrine

Old water mill, swallowed up by the jungle

Road leading into Tineo

In Tineo

Tineo - built on a steep hill, the old part at the top

Beautiful forest

We made a small diversion to visit the old Monestero de Obona, dating from 780; it was a pilgrim's hospital

Bit wonky, but still standing

Pola de Allende, had a great lunch here at Hotel Nueva Allendesa

Path goes through a house

Long hike uphill beside a pretty stream

First horreo with a slate roof

View from the top, the highest point on Camino Primitivo at 1300 meters

Barren, but pretty flowers in bloom

Montefurado, we followed the ridge before descending

Iglesia Lago

Running of the cows!

Stone fences

Lunch inside the Albergue La Mesa - cold and wet outside but we continued on

Tiny chapel, local materials

Descending to the Embalse de Salime, all the way down, then back up again

Embalse de Salime

These stone walls are to keep the osos (bears) out of the honey

Bee hives inside the stone walls, only at Grandes de Salime

Grandes de Salime, after a 40 km+ walk today

Man watering his donkey

Takes a few centuries to get the mossy roof look

Jeff resting at the top of the hill before we cross into Galicia